If possible Project Information Request Forms (PIRF) should be in our office by January 30, 2017. PIRF's may be sent at any time of the year but the January 30th deadline is important to insure that your needs are coordinated with others for the 2017 growing season. For research projects awaiting funding or other approval, please submit a PIRF with a note explaining the research project is pending.

Instructions for completing the Project Information Request Form
  1. Please provide all information marked with a red asterisk.
  2. Submit separate PIRF for each project and for each station.
  3. Use previously assigned project numbers for continuing projects and note any changes that will occur.
  4. If a project has been discontinued, please fill out the top part of the PIRF to transmit that information.
  5. If we do not receive a filled out PIRF for a continuing project, we can only assume that the project has been discontinued and we may reassign resources to others.
  6. Check with station superintendents if there are any questions about resources available at the stations. Click on Station Phone and FAX numbers (PDF, 40 KB) to see the list.
  7. Project leaders must send a trial map/design to the appropriate station prior to initiation of the project.
  8. If summary information from continuing or completed projects is available, please send a copy to the appropriate station.
  9. The principal investigator is responsible for securing the needed approvals for the project. This includes Biological Safety approval for use of recombinant materials and RARC approval for animal projects.


  • Copying and pasting text directly from Microsoft Word can cause PIRF submission errors due to the extra formatting, including Microsoft-proprietary tags and attributes that gets included. Rather than copying and pasting directly from a MS Word doc into the PIRF, it is recommended that you copy from Word into a text editor (like Notepad) to remove the Microsoft formatting. Then copy from the text editor into PIRF. If you have questions, please contact acs@cals.wisc.edu.

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